Sonia Boué’s practice is performative and responsive.

Situated between her studio, and online spaces, Boué’s practice encompasses many forms to articulate a concern with home and the domestic as metaphors for dislocation and loss. This touches both on the historic and the contemporary, and is often autobiographical.

Expansive and eclectic research enables her to create layered responses in paint, film, photography, assemblage, installation and performance; the boundaries between these forms becomes elastic to arrive at hybrid creations, hinting at an embodied duality. Intuitive and process-driven, her work often contains a spirit of improvisation and experimentalism. She approaches the interfaces of analogue and digital with a Heath Robinson vigour.

At the intersection of the visual arts and activism, Sonia generates liminal encounters to arrive at both instantaneous and more considered works. Dialogue is activated by sharing visual output across fora, serving as a catalyst for socially-engaged conversations from which to create further responses, rituals, and invocations to creative resistance through making.

Boué is concerned with objects, identity and location. Rooted in a fascination with family archives, material memory, and the themes of forced migration and inherited trauma, her work has been exhibited internationally and is held in digital form at Tate Britain, the BBC, and Bodleian Library in Oxford. She has performed in the UK, Ireland, and Spain.

Sonia also creates and leads Arts Council England funded projects which pioneer inclusive models of practice. She participates in a variety of community arts projects and carries out visual research in academic contexts.


Arts Council England funded, Museum for Object Research

Arts Council England funded, Neither Use Nor Ornament (NUNO)

"Anglo-Spanish artist, Sonia Boué's body of Postmemory work is at the contemporary forefront of a tradition of visual artists responding to the Spanish Civil War in the UK."

She led the Arts Council England funded Through An Artist's Eye project, and has collaborated with Tate Britain to make a film about the life of British artist Felicia Browne.

Sonia also made the BBC Radio 4 programme The Art of Now: Return to Catalonia, with Overtone Productions