Museum for Object Research

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The Museum for Object Research is a community of ten artists who work with objects and identify this as a core element of their practice.

It began with the observation that in the digital age museums are a flexible concept, which can include a repository of ideas and information online.

I created MfOR on the a-n blog site in 2014, inspired by my own encounters with family collections. My idea was to create a living resource for object artists. I remember writing the following sentence with a keen sense also for the need for less formal and hierarchical definitions of museum; to include personal constructions.

“Some museums live in our cupboards and imaginations, awaiting their moment of arrival.”

So I made a call out for donations to my Museum blog, including guest posts, and reviews. We formed a lively and supportive network from which the conversation around object work generated excitement and flourished.

MfOR marked a turning point – developing my professional curiosity – and a desire to build conceptual frameworks alongside my peers. How and why we identify as object artists continues to peak my intellectual curiosity and drives me on.

Original posts from the a-n blog site can be found on our blog, just scroll down until until you reach the ones in blue font.

Since 2014 I have received a diagnosis of autism, and MfOR is now in a research and development phase under Arts Council funding to support the Museum as an autistic-led project.

Sonia Boué 2017