I am a refugee's daughter.

A multiform autistic practice, with a focus on themes of exile and displacement.

I specialise in object work, painting, installation, video and performance in an ongoing postmemory project about the Spanish Civil War - BARCELONA IN A BAG

I also develop and lead creative projects, such as the Arts Council funded Through An Artist's Eye. Recent works includes a film collaboration with Tate Britain about the British artist Felicia Browne.

A painterly collaboration with Richard Hunt of the Shadowlight artist group was awarded the Shape Open 2017.

My new project is the Arts Council funded, Museum for Object Research, which includes a professional development initiative for autistic project leadership.

Artist Statement
"Objects are intimately associated with memory, and often accrue a human imprint. The premise for my work is that objects contain life and are not simply passive observers. They hoard our deepest recollections, document narratives, and are therefore active participants in human consciousness. Their infinite potential to tell a story inspires all the branches of my multi-form practice.

Story telling around the objects I find, allows me to be both autobiographical and to comment on the wider picture as I see it. Disparate fragments of experience, memory and observation become fixed on a surface in a work, providing layers or snatches of meaning. I am especially aware that at any moment compositions could change, be blown by the wind and scattered again. My work makes a show of permanence, a semblance of coherence from what is essentially temporal and chaotic.

I believe that excitement, beauty and hope can coexist on the surface of any object."